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Power Bunnies
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Request and fill other people's requests for PR fics, icons, banners, vids, and more
Neither the modorator or any members of this community own the Power Rangers, Super Sentai, or any other characters or shows that may appear in fics or art work. (Unless [handwaving] a writer or someone from Disney or whatever decides to join, but I'm not expecting that so.) No money is being made off of amything beng posted here (to the best of the moderators knowledge).

This community was inspired by a thread on PRUnited.

This is a place to make requests for Power Ranger (or Sentai) fics, graphics, vids, whatever. It's also a place to put up for addoption your bunnies for the above.

Here's how it works. If you have a request, make a comment in the fic requests, graphics request, or vid requests post with the season you're requesting for in the comment title. Season and series crossovers welcome. Please make only one request per comment (unless requesting similar icons ex: LG era icons of Karone, Kendrix, and/or Maya), and no make no more than 2 or 3 requests at a time per media. That is, if you have 2 requests for fics, one for a graphic, and 3 for vids, you can post them all. But lets say 2 days later you have another vid request. Please wait until one of your vid requests has been filled or at least week or two before making the next request. I'm not going to monitor this that closely, I just don't want one or 2 people spamming with requests.

If you have a bunny that's been scarring all your other bunnies away but you just can't seem to do it justice for whatever reason, same rules. Make a comment in the plot bunnies, graphics bunnies, or vid bunies post. Again, one request per comment and don't spam.

If you want fill someone's request or if you've adopted a bunny, the rules area little different. First of all, feel free to do as many as you'd like and as often as you want. Make a post to the community with the fic or graphics under a lj-cut (the exception to this is if it's a icon request with 3 or less icons, in wich case you don't have to bother with the lj-cut), or post a link to the fic, graphics, or vid. Please put a description of the fic graphic or vid and who requested it above the lj-cut. And if you can, it'd be appreciated if you replied to the origional request or bunny addoption comment telling them that you filled their request.

It is assumed that all icons posted to this community are available for all members to use as long as they comment and credit the artist. Unless the artist specifies that the icons are only for the requester or for no one to use. Please respect these requests.

If you make something with a rating, I ask that you use LJ's adult content/adult concepts function and make a note above the cut.
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